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Image: Midjourney (prompt 'House by Picasso')

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Using Weights in Midjourney Prompts – Promptcraft for Beginners

Using Weights in Midjourney Prompts – Promptcraft for Beginners

Adding weights to prompts can be handy for telling the Midjourney bot which elements of the prompt are important to you or what you don’t want to see in an image. This allows you to fine tune your Midjourney prompts and achieve images which are more closely aligned to what you have in mind. This takes some experimenting with and the results may sometimes be surprising! However, learning how to add weights to your prompts will (hopefully) allow you to fine tune your promptcrafting for more consistent results. How to Add Weights When adding weights to prompts, we split up…

How To Get Inspiration for Your Midjourney Prompts & Improve Your Images

How To Get Inspiration for Your Midjourney Prompts & Improve Your Images

If you are struggling to achieve the AI results you want from Midjourney, and are fed up looking at the beautiful AI generated images of others when all you have is a feed full of misshapen bodies, don’t worry! Midjourney gives us a way to learn from others at the touch of a button! Midjourney Open By Default Model The first thing to remember is that Midjourney has an open by default business model to encourage sharing, collaboration and learning from others. This means that all images and prompts are open for all members to view with the only exception…

Midjourney AI Art, Who Owns the Copyright…?

Midjourney AI Art, Who Owns the Copyright…?

Let’s talk about Midjourney and copyright – who owns the copyright of Midjourney AI images? Short answer, as of July 2022, the creator does (but with caveats). The long answer – read on! If you are creating AI art using Midjourney for fun, you’re probably not too worried about copyright and Intellectual Property (IP) issues. However, if you are using Midjourney AI art platform to create art for commercial purposes, whether to sell as prints, use as logo design, concept art with clients or any other of the whole rich treasure chest of commercial opportunities available to us, knowing who…

Image: Midjourney (prompt 'cute anime girl in woodland setting')

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Exploring the new world of AI art

Welcome to eStoodio 🙂 The aim of my blog is to invite you along on my AI fueled adventures. I am not a super-techie but I do have a creative and curious mind (so tell me, what happens if I click on that button…?) and I hope to invite you along on my creative explorations and to open the door of the AI art world for you too.

I hope to show you that this is something you can do too – and to demonstrate that AI art is a wonderful way to explore your own creativity.

We will be exploring different AI platforms and creating art and having fun. Enjoy the ride… 

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Image: Deep Dream Generator (original source image and style from Pixabay)

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Unless stated otherwise, all images used here at eStoodio are direct from the AI engine with no post processing. Where I’ve edited an image I will ensure this is clearly stated with an explanation of what was done and how i did it!

Image: Midjourney (prompt: art gallery wall)