Can AI create logos? Kinda…

Considering this site is all about using AI to create art, it seemed like a reasonable exercise to see if it could a logo for the site.

While the results we got weren’t exactly perfect or ready to rock’n’roll as is, I’ve seen worse from people claiming to be graphic designers 😉

It’s also worth noting that we tried this exercise quite early in experimenting with Midjourney and we might help the AI to achieve better results now.

Well, maybe.

So here are the results we got with the seed prompts repeated above each. These may have been created in a different order.

A black and white logo using the prompt “estoodio”. While we know that this is a completely made up word, we wanted to see what the AI came up with – it was part of the fun and spontaneous part of the process.

Top right makes me think Pepsi and Burger King. Not fantastic, but feels like the basis of a logo. Top left looks like it could be worked on too.

A black and white contemporary logo design for “estoodio”

Not sure what’s going on with most of these. It’s almost like it’s translating “estoodio” to another language. I think there’s something to work with at bottom right though.

A black and white logo using the phrase “estoodio” –w 512

This time we tried a deliberate attempt to force a wider logo design, though I think the marker pen fumes were getting to the AI by this stage. The typography looks a bit trippy.

A black and white logo icon for a contemporary artist with the word “estoodio”

Looks like more translation going on, plus further Pepsi inspiration at bottom left, or maybe I’m just fixated with Pepsi. Not sure why the top left letter e was inverted – guess the marker pen fumes were still lingering?

Not perfect results, but not bad rough ideas

As an experiment, it was interesting to see some of the ideas it spat out. Even from just those 16 different images, we had several ideas that could have been developed further.

I think we need to look at what it created as similar to the initial sketches many graphic designers will make in a notepad, just to get ideas down. Clearly we got nothing as polished as a finished, but for ideas and inspiration it’s not done a bad job.

As it was we took one of the safer options and developed the inverted e into the logo you can see on the site. We could probably have taken some other ideas and got something more interesting, but this one allowed us to be quite faithful to the original.

While the image looked a bit like a rough marker pen visual with an asymmetrical feel, just like a designer’s initial sketch. Normally it would probably be further refined at this stage, but we tried to keep much of that rough feeling, rather than trying to overly perfect it. Hence it’s a little unbalanced, but that also gives it a little bit of personality.

The AI may not agree with our interpretation, but I guess we’ll never know.

Or least not until it becomes sentient and by then we’ll probably be too busy fighting for survival to worry too much about graphic design discussions.

Have you tried using AI art creators to create logos or other graphic design jobs? Get in touch and share the results with us – we’d love to see them.

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