How To Get Inspiration for Your Midjourney Prompts & Improve Your Images

If you are struggling to achieve the AI results you want from Midjourney, and are fed up looking at the beautiful AI generated images of others when all you have is a feed full of misshapen bodies, don’t worry! Midjourney gives us a way to learn from others at the touch of a button!

Midjourney Open By Default Model

The first thing to remember is that Midjourney has an open by default business model to encourage sharing, collaboration and learning from others. This means that all images and prompts are open for all members to view with the only exception being if someone opts for ‘private powers’ (the private membership level).

Therefore one of the very best ways to learn how to improve your images or to get inspiration is to look at what others are doing in the image feed on the Midjourney website (see that HERE).

You will see that not only can you see your own images, you can also see images created by all of Midjourney’s users (with the exception of Private plan members).

Midjourney’s community feed is the ideal place to look for inspiration

Select the community icon to open the feed and you will see you can choose how to order the images.

On a desktop, when you mouse over an image you will see the prompt pops up (It’s worth noting that if someone has used multiple prompts, you only see the first part in the pop up). On a mobile device you have to open the image to see the prompt.

If you tap or click on the three buttons a menu will open which allows you to copy the prompt or open the image in Discord (which allows you to upscale or make variations) or you can save the image.

Alternatively, at the bottom of the image you will see a bookmark icon as you will see in the image above. This will save the image and all the details into your private bookmark folder and this is what I recommend doing as it gives a handy reference point of images and styles you like.

Tips for Discovering What Makes a Great Prompt

The search bar is a great place to start looking for great images and prompts. As is reordering the images to see not only what is popular but what is new and rising in popularity.

Let’s say I want to learn more about creating a great looking image of a test tube. If I do a search for test tube and then I find an image I like, as well as bookmarking it so I can view it later or copying the prompt, if I scroll down I can see other images created by the original prompter and under that, related images from the community.

When browsing, keep a look out for common words and phrases which are used in prompts that have output images with a style you like. Follow users whose style you like so you can watch how their output develops and learn from them.

Keep a Record!

The bookmark function is handy, but it can be also a good idea to keep a spreadsheet with prompts, artist or style names etc. This is useful when you are crafting prompts from scratch. If you use something like Google Sheets, you can access this from any device you are using.

You Won’t Replicate An Image Exactly!

Midjourney’s algorithm runs every time we enter a prompt, therefore you are highly unlikely to get the same image as someone else using the same prompt. What you will see, however, is the overall style that the prompt has produced.

For example, I found this image on Midjourney’s ‘Top’ page and this was created with a prompt by user Crossmyheart (you will find the prompt and image HERE)

And this is what I got when I reran this prompt:

We can see how Midjourney has a definite style for this prompt, and I think you can see they are related, however both images are quite different.

Therefore it’s always fun to try rerunning a prompt from someone else to see what effect it gives, but be aware you won’t get exactly the same image. What you will start to see, hoever, is the style that Midjourney is using.

In the image below, I altered the prompt to A Void Between Stars, symbol, concentric circles and Midjourney created this:

So this shows how you can start to dig into styles that you like but tweak them to create new and different styles and images.

Try the Style Map

Another way to explore and look for inspiration is to look at the style map. This is in early beta, so expect it to change, however this is a fun way to find new people to follow or ideas for prompts.

The style map displays Midjourney users whose prompts contain similar keywords. Therefore if you find one person who’s style resonates with you, you may find that someone else who is close on the map is also worth exploring.

Make It Yours!

So the fun thing now is to look at building on what you have learned from others and trying to adapt them or use some of the key concepts in your own prompts. Perhaps someone uses an artist style which you can combine with other style prompts to create images that are as unique to you as AI allows.

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