How to Get Started With Deep Dream Generator

If you having been reading about AI Style Transfer, where artificial intelligence is used to transfer the style of one image to a base image to create a new image (see a more detailed overview in our post here – About Style Transfer) and want to give it a go, one great place to stat is with Deep Dream Generator.

What is Deep Dream Generator?

Deep Dream Generator is an ‘AI and human collaboration‘ – a platform which utilizes Ai to create cool things! There are two parts of the platform which are particularly interesting, one is style transfer and the other is ‘Deep Dream’ which is something a little different that we’ll cover later.
The platform also has a gallery where users can publish their finished images to share with others.

The site is free to register and use with a generous free plan, but there is a paid-for option too.

How to Use Deep Dream Generator

While the platform is pretty easy to get started with, there are a few unique points which are worth noting.

Output is called ‘Dreams’

The finished image is called a dream. You will see reference throughout the platform to dreams and dreamers, and this is referring to the finished images and the people creating images on the site.

Buy Processing Time Using ‘Energy’ (Points)

Each action on the Deep Dream Generator platform costs ‘energy’ which is represented in points. For example, to run a small-size style transfer action the cost is 3 energy points. Each user has a number of energy points for free (which varies depending on how long they’ve been using the platform) and people can purchase a subscription which gives additional energy points.

Energy points are renewed hourly at a rate dependant on the level you are on. So as a ‘Newbie’ you will have a 15 energy points limit and these renew at 3 points an hour. This basically gives you one free ‘dream’ an hour on the lowest resolution.

Your energy points will increase over time and with the number of ‘dreams’ published and when the ‘like’ threshold has been met. See the details at the bottom of this screenshot below or following this link.

You CAN Use The Output Commercially

But only if you own the rights to both the base image and the style image.

Register With Deep Dream Generator

Before you can start exploring and creating, you need to register on the site. Head over to the Deep Dream Generator site and click ‘Sign Up’ and follow the instructions. You will need to confirm your email.

After you have confirmed your email you will see you have access to the platform and you can start creating. As you will see from the image below, the number of energy points you have is listed at the top of the page. If you click on the Energy symbol you will see more information about the energy plan you are on.

Let’s Generate!

Now we’re ready to start creating!

You will need a base image to start. If you don’t have an image to hand, take a look at Pixabay and download an image from there.

Tip: The lion image used at the top of the page is on Pixabay and can be downloaded from Pixabay HERE.

Don’t worry about a style image at the moment. Pick one of the styles on the page or select from the ‘popular styles’.

Before you click on generate, open the settings section at the bottom of the page.

One BIG way you can make your energy points go further is to use the lowest size setting. If you love the output, you can run it again on a higher setting. However, to start, you are likely to be experimenting and discarding a lot of the finished images, so this is a handy way to get the most from your energy points.

Wait a few minutes for your image to generate. When it is finished you will see you have a couple of options. If you click on the settings tab at the bottom right of the page, you will find the download option. On the bottom left you will see you have the option to make the image public.

All images are private by default.

You can post 5 images a day to the public gallery. This encourages us to share our best or most interesting 5 images.

It is important to do this and to post your 5 images a day as (hopefully) they will receive likes and it’s through the cumulative number of likes that you will gradually increase your energy point levels and get the option to create bigger images.

Subscribe to The Paid Plans To Get More Energy Points & Bigger Sizes

While the free plans are very generous, if you want more energy points or to output your work at bigger sizes, you will need to sign up for a paid plan. You will find more information on the Deep Dream Generator site HERE.

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