Midjourney AI – About Different Slash Commands

So… you’ve got your Midjourney invite, you’ve created your first images, it’s now time to dig a little deeper into how to best work with Midjourney and understand the different commands available to us.

Remember! Midjourney is currently an invite only Beta – thing change quickly so the screenshots below may not mirror exactly what you see in Discord.

Communication with the Midjourney bot is done using slash commands. For example /imagine which we used in Getting Started on Midjourney to create an image.

What is a Slash Command?

A slash command quite simply means that if we type a / into the text area, we can instigate a number of different actions. There are many slash commands in Discord and a full explanation is available HERE.

However, for our purposes, we only really need to know that if we type / into the text area, we can request the Midjourney bot takes certain action following our command.

There are many other commands that we can use.

To use any slash command, type a / into the text bar and then start typing the command you are looking for.

Toggle Between Fast and Relaxed Modes

We have the option of using fast or relaxed (on the standard plan, if you are on other plans, you may not have access to relaxed mode).

It’s easy to switch between the two modes and it’s worth doing this to preserve your fast time – if your situation allows it. I switch between fast and relaxed time frequently. For example, I may set some prompts to run when I know I’m not in a hurry or if I am going out, so hopefully the finished images will be ready when I get back.

Note: You cannot have too many jobs in your queue, so don’t try lining up more than 10 (you will get a warning if you have too many jobs in the queue which the bot won’t process.

Info Command – Get Information About Your Account

Use the /info option to find out more about your account.

This gives you useful information including when your membership was last renewed, the number of invites you have (if available on your plan), the number of hours used and whether you have opted for private access.

People who want their images to be private and not appear in Discord or on the Midjourney app can opt to pay for private access. When you have subscribed for this, it can be switched on and off by typing in /private

The /info command is useful for keeping track of the number of jobs you have running and checking if you are in fast or relaxed mode.

I use this command a lot to check on jobs running, particularly when the server is busy and there’s a long wait time.


The /subscribe command will take you to the subscribe page on Midjourney. Here you can take out a subscription, upgrade your subscription, buy private time etc.


Depending on your plan, you have a number of free invites to share with people. To get an invite code, just type in /invite. When you enter, a code will be generated.

This code is only available for 24 hours so don’t create a code until you are ready to share it!

The person you are sharing the invite with will need to have a free Discord account.

And More /Commands!

The best thing to do is to really explore the options available to you and to look at the different commands available in the bot.

Type in a / into any of the channels where you can interact with the bot and scroll down and you will see the different options available to you.

Interact With The Bot Using Emojis

Another way of interacting with the bot is by using emojis.

How to Delete Images in Midjourney With X Emoji

If you have created something that it truly horrible and you don’t ever want to see it again, you can just tap the red x emoji to delete the image.

On a desktop you may need to move the mouse towards the top right of the post so you can see the emoji button.

Receive Images by Direct Message With Envelope Emoji

This is a really nifty trick. If you want to receive the images by direct message, you can use the envelope icon.

This will ask the bot to send you the image by direct message.

If you find this useful, you can request that the bot sends you images by DM every time. To do this, use the /prefer auto_dm command.

How to Find Your DM Messages

If you have asked the bot to send you images by direct message, you will find them in the Discord Home area where direct messages are listed and the Midjourney bot will be named as follows:

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