Midjourney AI Art Tip: Keep Your Sanity and Direct Message the Bot :)

Relax with the Midjourney bot! Here’s a quick tip for using direct messages (DM) to interact with the Midjourney bot.

If you have been busy generating art on the Midjourney Discord server for a while, you’ll know how crazy it can be trying to find your work and track down your upscales, variations etc. When the servers are really busy, it can be super-crazy as you watch your carefully crafted prompt generated images disappear amongst 000s of others!

However, there is an easy way around this and this is to interact directly with the bot. Note: This option is only available on the Standard or higher plans.

What does this mean? It means that instead of having to submit your /imagine prompts in the mega-busy newbie or general channels, you can interact with the bot from the comfort of you own DM area.

No other people – no 000s of other images – just you and the bot <3

Important: Make sure you have allowed interaction with the bot in the Privacy Settings.

How to Interact With The Midjourney Bot By Direct Message

To interact directly with the Midjourney bot you first need to get its attention. The easiest way to do this is to request the bot to send you one of your images by Direct message using the envelope emoji.

To do this, click on the emoji icon on one of your images and click on the envelope icon. If you have more than one envelope icon you may need to click a couple to find the right one.

This is instructing the Midjourney bot to send you the image direct.

When you have done this, head to your Direct Message area in Discord and look for the Midjourney bot.

Click or tap on this to open the conversation and you can start to interact directly with the bot here. Just type in /imagine as you did in the Newbie or General channel- but the key difference is this is now outside of those channels and you are not getting caught up with 000s of other images.

Is Direct Message Private?

While using DM to interact with the bot gives you a certain degree of privacy, it does not keep your work completely private. Your images and prompts won’t appear in the Discord channels (unless you post them somewhere) BUT your images and prompts WILL appear in the Midjourney App galleries.

If privacy is important to you, you will want to consider paying for Private Powers which is $20 a month on top of your current subscription (at the time of writing).

Why Do I Need Private Powers?

While this is entirely a personal choice(do you want other people to see your work or access your prompts) it may also be a business requirement. For example if are working for a client doing character development work or if you are creating artwork for your own commercial projects.

Regardless, using direct messages to interact with Midjourney is a great time (and sanity) saver.

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