Midjourney Beta Invite – Get It Here!

You can get your free Midjourney invite here!

Update: July 2022 Midjourney is now in open beta and this means that anyone can join using this publicly available Midjourney invitehttps://discord.gg/midjourney.

Now you have your invite – head over HERE to get started creating AI art on Midjourney!

Prior to July 2022, the following information would apply.

Midjourney AI art platform is currently an invite only beta program. However, there are plenty of places to find invites.

Remember, Midjourney works on the Discord platform, therefore you will need a free Discord account in order to access Midjourney. It is best to do this before you get your invite so you can accept the invite straight away. If you are unfamiliar with Discord, this is a community chat platform which is available on desktop as well as apps for iOs and Android. There is a handy get started guide to get you started on Discord HERE.

Get an Invite From Midjourney Website

The first place to go is to the Midjourney website – midjourney.com and select the ‘apply to beta’ option.

The Midjourney team send out batches of invites regularly and while people are reporting a wait, the high volume of invites they are sending is reducing the wait time significantly.

You will receive an email from Midjourney with your invite and details of how to get started.

Your invite will look something like this. When you click on it you will be taken to the Discord server and be ready to start!

Get an Invite From a Midjourney Member

The other way to get an invite is from a Midjourney member. Midjourney members get a certain number of invites per month along with their membership (this is currently 5, but sometimes additional invites are added).

Midjourney members can share this invite with family and friends – however, the invites only last 24 hours (which is a Discord limit), therefore have your account set up and be ready to go!

How to Find Someone With A Free Invite

Keep a look out on Social Media. There are some Facebook groups which are focussed on AI art and you will find threads there offering invites. Remember, Midjourney invites are free, so disregard anyone who is trying to sell you one.

This group here allows people to offer invites. It’s best to use the search function at the top to check for any current threads with invites https://www.facebook.com/groups/1895623370624892

Tips for Getting a Midjourney Invite

Here are some tips for getting a Midjourney invite:

  • Sign up on the Midjourney website NOW! You may find the invite comes through sooner than you think 🙂
  • Look on social media, for example Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but be wary of people selling invites or who try to get you to jump through too many hoops
  • Remember to pay it back! Your membership is likely to come with some free invites, so use these to invite people too.

Free Midjourney Sample Time

The Midjourney invites currently come with a bit of sample time attached to them.

This is currently around 25 minutes which will give you approximately 25 images (it’s roughly one minute per image to generate – but these figures are approximate).

Therefore think carefully about what you want to start with. It’s easy to burn through this time without really getting full value, simply because you’re so excited to get started 🙂

So… ready to get started? Head over here to learn how to get started creating images with Midjourney!

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